Original location - 2002


Location - 2014 to 2018


The story of Zen II Net, a different kind of internet cafe, began back in early 2002. We had moved to southern Spain in 2001 to live a quieter life after over 22 years of a successful but stressful life elsewhere. But after months of lavishing in the Costa Tropical sun, we needed to put our creative selves to work again so we started a multi-faceted business in the center of Almuñécar, a medium-sized town (approximately 26,000 residents) on Andalucia's Mediterranean coast; a business that combined our loves of technology and creativity. Our backgrounds and work experiences (combining over 40 years) had been in design, graphics, marketing, business development, human resources, computer knowledge, and always had an international exposure.

We designed our small shop in such a way that was unlike other internet places: it was not dark but was warm and inviting, incorporating a 200 liter fresh-water aquarium with colorful koi and goldfish, and various types of handcrafted items for sale. People did not sit in cubicles, surrounded by panel partitions but instead had their own personal space within an open environment. It was smoke-free (back before there was a No-Smoking law), game-free (no noisy children) and dog-free (we loved them but many customers did not).

And the name? Having been long-time proponents of the "Zen" precepts of tranquility, natural elements, soothing colors, quietness and peace, the shop’s interior design accomplished this environment. Here it co-existed with today's world, the “Net,” while the "II" represented the two of us, a pair of Geminis.


In this rapidly growing Mediterranean community we created a unique environment very unlike other "cybercafes:" business-oriented, a "we can do it" attitude, and the best customer-service possible. As word got around to both the residential and touristic international communities, we became known as THE place to work in a safe place, in peace and quiet, meet friends, get information, excellent service and assistance...... all in a Zen-like environment. Over the course of the years, our business  evolved into more of a Computer and Business Center, mainly due to the requests and needs of our multi-national client base. In our desire to always be forward-thinking, be cognizant of the latest technologies, and never be stagnant, we  developed other small businesses along the way: www.a-smart-biz.com www.zen2books.com, www.almunecar.se, www.costatropical.se and www.visitcostatropical.com... each with its own degree of success. All of these companion businesses are driven by our same dedication and sense of quality and professionalism.


After our humble beginnings on Calle Alta del Mar and after 12 years, we relocated to the waterfront space on the Paseo del Altillo.  We have been blessed with a wonderful array of clients from all over the globe, many of whom return to us whenever they are in this part of Europe to either connect with us, have their computers repaired or optimized, or sometimes simply to ask what is our opinion about the newest technology out there...we can most likely answer your current and future technical questions. We have enjoyed the births of their children and sympathized in the demise of some delightful people during these years and we thank them all for their continued support and good heartedness. It is our multi-national clients who have proven to us over and over again that there are delightful and gracious people all over the world.

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